Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Next Event-Aug 2nd!

Thanks to some secret blog helper named Anonymous, I am now able to post a new thread! (Such small feats sometimes bring such great rewards)!
Anyway, I thought I'd take the opportunity to remind everyon about the next BBQ:
Tuesday Aug 2
BYO BBQ item, something to share and your choice of beverage
Special request: incredient list

I'll send an email reminder closer to the date for the old-school email folk (LOL)!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Thank-yous and Cobi

First of all, big thank-yous to Nathalie for collecting names and emails, and to Tracy and Jon for getting the blog going!

Jacobi (aka Cobi) doesn't have much of a story. She is a Victoria Adoptables dog. She turned three in May. Her favourite Oswald Park activities are playing with doggy friends, rolling in the grass, and chasing other dogs. She won't steal your ball - she just wants to run with your dog!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome Oswald Folk!

So here it is, up and running - but bare. I will get pictures up ASAP, I need the hubby around to help with that a bit.  I will get on having it so that there is more than J and I contributing as well, soon.
First off, if anyone wants to post their dog story that would be great - I can start:
My family adopted Dravyn from the SPCA about 5 years ago, this month actually. She was saved from being a breeder in a puppy mill way up North somewhere. She was so sad when we got her, did not know how to play or interact with other dogs. She has come a long way, and is the best dog in the world for my girls! My oldest and her are best friends, she reads to her dog, sleeps with her, and just loves her to bits. My youngest who dreams of being a vet someday has spent many hours taking care of Dravyn, and listening to her heart with her stethoscope LOL. They are pretty sweet together. My youngest loves all animals, and is fearless with them. My oldest loves Dachshunds in particular, but all dogs, cats, and rats.

So again, welcome all your Oswald folk, say hi if you are reading this, offer suggestions, and tell me who your dog is please and thank you!