Friday, July 22, 2011

Thank-yous and Cobi

First of all, big thank-yous to Nathalie for collecting names and emails, and to Tracy and Jon for getting the blog going!

Jacobi (aka Cobi) doesn't have much of a story. She is a Victoria Adoptables dog. She turned three in May. Her favourite Oswald Park activities are playing with doggy friends, rolling in the grass, and chasing other dogs. She won't steal your ball - she just wants to run with your dog!


  1. Way to go Gryphinn, you seem to have successfully added a new post...can you please tell me how you did that?
    Nature Nut

  2. Hey Nature Nut, I believe you just sign in (upper right corner) and then it will let you make a post then - just follow the promts - hope that helps.