Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hi everyone,

Nice to see such a great turnout at the end of summer!

Here are a few photos from tonight...

As always, if there are any photos you would like removed, please let me know.

And if I didn't post a picture of your dog, it wasn't for lack of trying. Some of them just move too fast... Not to name names, but Piper, Mable, Rudy, Lambick and Chester, you are also known as fuzzy blurs...

Hope to see you all around over the fall and winter, especially if they manage to fix the drainage problem! (Fingers crossed!)

Take care,


  1. Hi Roberta & Jacobi
    GREAT pictures again... Thanks for taking them!
    Love the first one of the two "dancing" :-)
    Donna & Zulu

  2. Thanks Donna. =)

    The dogs are just so beautiful and athletic and photogenic... what else can I say?