Friday, August 5, 2011

Next BBQ

I just copied the e-mail from Nathalie - thought someone that is not on the e-mail might see it here - hope that is OK with you Nathalie :) The BBQ was amazing this week, I was amazed at what a great show we had. Wish I had been able to spend more time with the adults, but I was needed at the kids area LOL. Next time maybe J can be the parent and I can be the one hanging out with all you!

Hi Everyone,
I think the August 2nd BBQ was the best-attended to date.
I will send a reminder closer to the Aug 16th BBQ, but would encourage you to write it in your calendars (the "I forgot" excuse is way too lame)!
 Hope to see you all soon,


  1. No worries! If I was a bit more blog-savvy I'd post the deets of next one in the right corner...but I'm not, so anyone who can figure that out should win some sort of prize (how 'bout a heart-shaped acitvated charcoal treat? LOL)

  2. I will ask J about it tomorow - he is out lucky guy and see what he can come up with LOL not even sure how to take the old one down!!!